“As a small business, we find it most cost-effective to outsource our IT needs. Cornerstone’s annual service contract allows us to budget for those needs, and we feel safer knowing that a trained person is monitoring our software and hardware for the updates and upgrades that we need to keep our data safe and secure.”

Small Business Customer,

“Our primary goals in this project were to help protect our data from unforeseen disasters; recover data quickly to maximize business uptime; and create archival storage in a remote location. Those are significant obstacles when dealing with a company of our size. Cornerstone helped pull all the pieces together and we feel that we have more than satisfied the project goals.”

“We enjoy working with Cornerstone because they know us. Cornerstone knows we are held accountable by our membership, therefore, they design the most complete, comprehensive solutions for our membership’s needs. And they design not only for our immediate needs, but always looking to the future so that we implement the best solution for the long-term.”

Frances Henderson,

“I appreciate our relationship with the Cornerstone staff. I rely on their skill sets to ensure that our officers and staff have the tools they need to be productive every day. Having Cornerstone as our IT partner allows us to keep our focus on our job.”