Working with Cornerstone

Working with Cornerstone

On behalf of Cornerstone Information Systems Inc., we would like to welcome you as a new or returning customer. Our objective is for you to be extremely satisfied with our services and the products we recommend. If we achieve anything less than “extreme” satisfaction we would like to hear about it.

We have assembled a great team of technology experts and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience to help your organization or business be more successful and achieve your goals.  Cornerstone engineers and technicians are the best you can find for fixing problems.  But our value to your organization is maximized in a preventative role where we can help you avoid problems and build systems that can be recovered quickly when problems do occur.  To that end we are focused on finding the best and most reliable solutions in the industry so that we can build networks and communication systems that are resilient, dependable, recoverable and scalable.

We will normally assign a “primary” engineer or technician who is most familiar with your account.  We will also assign one or more “secondary” support personnel who also need to be familiar with your environment.
Communication is one of the most important keys for a long-term business relationship.  When you have new requests we encourage you to call one of our office numbers and provide a description of the request so that the information will be properly registered in our ticket system.  Our employees make every effort to respond to all direct emails and phone calls but on busy days they will occasionally miss a call or email.  When the request comes through our ticketing system, the appropriate support personnel will receive automatic reminders until the matter is addressed.

For convenience Cornerstone provides local phone numbers in several Kentucky and Tennessee communities.  These numbers are listed on the back of our business cards.  We also provide an 800 number.  All numbers ring to the corporate office in Hopkinsville for dispatch to the appropriate engineers or local support personnel.

We ask that New (or Returning) Customers complete the form below (link below) and return to us at your earliest convenience.  Also, please review our Terms and Conditions (also linked below).

New/Returning Customers


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