Business Continuity

Redefining Disaster: Is Your Network Prepared?

Many businesses feel secure because they believe the chance of a natural disaster striking their company is relatively small.  The reality is that computer data or functionality loss is not always caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood, tornados, or hurricanes.  In reality, the majority of loss is due to hardware or system failures; human mistakes or malicious intent by hackers or disgruntled employees; personal disasters such as human disease; utility outage, building fires or burst pipes that flood critical equipment; or software corruption such as viruses, spyware, and malware.

The question to consider, if you are responsible for a thousand computers or just one is, do you have a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan (DR/BCP) in place?  If the answer is No, I Don’t Know, or I Wouldn't Know Where to Start; consider letting Cornerstone use our experience and expertise to help you with your plans today.  Cornerstone has worked with numerous companies over the years to develop, fine-tune, and test their DR/BC Plans and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you with yours.