Wireless for Cities and Utilities

Many cities and/or utilities have realized the potential and need of wireless networks for economic development and public safety. Outdoor wireless networks deliver real-time access to people, applications, and network resources, transforming down-time into productive time. Cornerstone has a great deal of experience designing and deploying secure and broad-reaching wireless mesh solutions that create an “umbrella” of access points for government and public use.

Wireless Mesh Access Points

Wireless mesh networking solutions let you deploy cost-effective, scalable outdoor wireless LANs. Wireless mesh networks allow  environments to be interconnected without the cost and hassle of wiring. Wireless Mesh Networks are the perfect solution for municipalities, public safety agencies, industrial enterprises, and many more organizations because they solve a wide range of communication challenges across outdoor environments.

Wireless Network Installation Services
Physical Deployment Services

  • Network Cabling for Access Points
  • Mounting Access Points
  • Rack and Stack - Physical installation of networking components: switches, controllers, and servers
  • Project Management - Managing the physical deployment of access points, as well as the configuration and turn over of the complete wireless system

Wireless Configuration and Integration Services

  • User Roles - Creating Role Based access to the wireless LAN to be able to control client access based upon who, what, when, where and how they are connecting to the network
  • Device Roles - Creating roles for specific devices such as wireless phones, tablet PC's, notebooks, and Scanners
  • Policies - Creating policies to be applied to User Roles and Devices. These policies increase security by limiting users and devices to only the resources necessary for them to function on the network.
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) - 802.1X setup authentication method utilizing centralized directory database and strong encryption to secure communications.
  • Voice Services Automatic Voice Prioritization - Configuration of Voice Services providing classification, recognition and prioritization based upon voice sessions.
  • Service Set Identifier (SSID) - Configuration broadcast SSID of client WLAN access across appointed access points.