Access Control

Access Control

Traditional keys are difficult to manage, nearly impossible to truly limit duplication, and impossible to guarantee true security due to human error.  Keys are also costly and time-consuming to replace when the need arises. Access control gives facility managers control over who can enter specific areas, and even set time constraints on the access. When your facility is equipped with an access control system, the employee’s keycard or biometric access is managed by designated users and controlled by the access control system through a computer system.

In addition to granting and revoking access, managers can receive reports of who and where employees go in the facility and at what times.

Your budget may not accommodate installing access control at every point of entry, but you can start with the most critical access points and build upon the system as time and budget allows.

We offer a number of access control systems including security features like:

  • a keycode or PIN,
  • a smart card or key fob, or
  • fingerprints, verified by biometric measurement.

Access control systems secure mission critical areas such as:

  • Medicine rooms and cabinets
  • Data Centers
  • HVAC & electrical equipment rooms
  • Security centers
  • High value inventory
  • Customer or Employee records

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