networkingToday's world moves at a fast pace, and to succeed businesses must rely heavily on technology to meet the demands of competition.    Now more than ever business networks are mission critical for day to day operations whether a business is a small one-man shop or a large manufacturing facility.  At Cornerstone we understand that businesses rely on their networks and that any down time is costly and potentially catastrophic to your business. To help maintain the level of reliability necessary in today’s world we only propose and design the best solutions using proven products to meet your network needs. We understand it is important that a consultant be familiar with your network before problems arise.  It can be very frustrating to understand "normal" operation in the midst of a problem situation.   We do our best to make sure a primary and secondary engineer are familiar with your site so we can dispatch someone with a working knowledge of your network should problems arise.

Network Devices and Software

devicesThere are thousands of technology options and vendors in today’s world with more being added on a daily basis. Even for a business with skilled IT staff, the time required to properly research and configure solutions and products can be a drain on resources and at times overwhelming. Solution designs are even more daunting when the security demands of HIPPA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, and other regulatory requirements are taken into consideration.

At Cornerstone we spend countless hours reviewing and testing products in various environments so we can provide our customers with only the best solutions for any situation. A single weak component can cause major problems on a network if that component isn’t designed to handle the size of the network or if it is not being used as intended.

Our Engineers have the philosophy that our solutions are not only a reflection on Cornerstone but on their own reputations and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with any solution we design and deploy for your business.